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happy birthday 25th UGM diving society July 1, 2012

This year, my diving society, UNIT SELAM UGM or GADJAH MADA UNIV DIVING CLUB will be celebrate for 25th anniversary. We, as member had to make this year unforgetable for all of us. UNYIL, (our cool name 🙂 already made some event at this year to celebrate. as we know, our society have many members from first grade ( diklat I) till 22 grade (diklat XXII), we try to make all ex-member (alumnus) till active member can join in every event we’ve made. for example, fun photo, dive expedition, dive certification from POSSI (for new member diklat XXII), Reef Check, dive seminary, underwater photography exhibition, syawalan party (halal bihalal in Arab for Moslem)  and many more. in this birthday, we use theme

this club was born, built in Jogja August, 8 1987. it have being produce many good diver, like me. haha.. we have own standard qualitification to be a UGM diver, beside from CMAS standard. really hard to be a member. we had to follow some selection, at pool first then the last in sea. it wasted much time, 3 month for selection. but we enjoyed with it.

exactly, our birthday is in ramadhan so we cannot celebrate on time, then we must make a party after it. no problem. we hope all members join in this party soon, maybe in September, 1.

we are so busy in this year. in every event, we make a comitee to control and hopefull that event can be success with subcomitee.

fortunately, in seminary and halal bihalal event, my jobdesk is control consumtion. it is about eat and eat. I like eat. oh gosh, but it is not like a piece of cake. I have to search catering, make a cost estimate, and use money carefully.

at the seminary, we make a plan to invite missscuba Indonesia and Miss Scuba International, and some famous people.

I hope our event full year can be success. amen. 😀

maybe you can join at seminary time in November or October 🙂


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