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Out of 1000 people, 999 will go to hell June 26, 2012

Muslim recorded in his Sahih that Ya`qub bin `Asim bin `Urwah bin Mas`ud Ath-Thaqafi said,
“I heard `Abdullah bin `Amr saying to a man who asked him, `What is this Hadith that you are narrating You claim that the Hour will start on such and such date.’ He said, `Subhan Allah (glory be to Allah),’ or he said, `There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah.’ I almost decided to never narrate anything to anyone. I only said, “Soon, you will witness tremendous incidents, the House (the Ka`bah) will be destroyed by fire, and such and such things will occur.” He then said, `The Messenger of Allah said, Ad-Dajjal will appear in my nation and will remain for forty. (The narrator doubts whether it is forty days, months, or years).Then, Allah will send down `Isa, son of Maryam, looking just like `Urwah bin Mas`ud and he will seek Ad-Dajjal and will kill him. People will remain for seven years with no enmity between any two. Allah will send a cool wind from As-Sham that will leave no man on the face of the earth who has even the weight of an atom of good or faith, but will capture (his soul). Even if one of you takes refuge in the middle of a mountain, it will find him and capture (his soul). Afterwards, only the most evil people will remain. They will be as light as birds, with the comprehension of beasts. They will not know or enjoin righteousness or forbid or know evil. Shaytan will appear to them and will say to them, `Would you follow me.’ They will say, `What do you command us’ He will command them to worship the idols. Meanwhile, their provision will come to them in abundance and their life will be good. Then the Trumpet will be blown and every person who hears it, will lower one side of his head and raise the other side (trying to hear that distant sound). The first man who will hear the Trumpet is someone who is preparing the water pool for his camels, and he and the people will swoon away. Allah will send down heavy rain and the bodies of people will grow with it. The Trumpet will be blown in again and the people will be resurrected and looking all about, staring. It will be said to them, `O people! Come to your Lord,'(But stop them, verily, they are to be questioned.) (It will then be said, `Bring forth the share of the Fire.’ It will be asked, `How many’ It will be said, `From every one thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine. ‘ That Day is when,) the children will turn grey-headed, ) and, (The Day when the Shin shall be laid bare).)”


Source : Quran Tafsir Ibn Kathir


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