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 jack and the beanstalk

Long time ago a boy called Jack lived with his mother on a small cottage. They were so poor. One day Jack and his mother were very hungry.

“We don’t have any money to buy  food, Jack…”said his mother.

Then Jack’s mother decided had to sell their cow provide money for food.

“Take her to the market today but be sure to get a good price for her.” She said

Finally Jack gave up and started to walk home. On the way, he met an old man. He liked the cow and wanted to buy it.

“ I will buy your cow, but I only have these beans full of magic.”said the man.

Proud of his day’s work, Jack said to his mother. His mother was very angry.

“How could you be so stupid?”,“ Magic beans are of no use to us. The old man fooled you. You gave him the cow for nothing.”

She took the beans and threw them out of the window. The next morning Jack was amazed. He saw a tree had grown from the bean in the garden where his mother had thrown it. There, Jack rushed out to see the beanstalk. He began to climb the beanstalk. Up and up he climbed until the could. He saw a giant castle floating in clouds. He decided he would go and see who loved there.

“ Hello..” jack shouted as the huge castle door opened. There stood a washerwomen, but she was a giant. “ Oh,good, a boy to help me with my work!” she said. Jack followed her inside. “ Here comes my master! You must hide before he enters the castle,” she said. Jack hid in fireplace.

A huge giant enteredthe room and shouted, “ Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of a child here!!”

“ No, there is no boy here,” she lied. Better not be or else! Now bring me my magic hen. The giant replied.

Jack very surprised the hen laid two golden eegs. Jack took the magic hen and hurried down the beanstalk when the giant get fallen asleep.

Jack and his mother were very happy. Next day Jack climbed again. He wanted to see what other things he could find.

“Be cereful, Jack,”called his mother.

Jack entered the castle very quitly. He was careful not to be seen by washewomen and the huge giant.

Once inside, Jack saw the giant listening to his magic harp while counting all his golden coins. As soon as the giant had fallen sleep,  Jack took the magic harp and golden coins. Then he ran and ran.

“Master, Master!” called the magic harp.

The giant awoke. He was very angry and chased Jack. Jack began climb down quicly reach the beanstalk. The giant was right him getting closer and closer. Jack called out, “ Help! Mother quick, bring me the axe! I must chopped the beanstalk until it fell and the giant came crashing down with the beanstalk. Jack and his mother were never poor again, they lived happily.they had golden eegs, a magicharp and golden coins.




  1. concha Says:

    thanks crtanya, maaf tp ada sedikit kata2 yg salah tulis mungkin?
    peace,.. 🙂

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