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I love dive, but he doesn’t May 5, 2012

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lets dive

take a picture, kill the time, leave the bubbles

no matter with deep

warning, may contain narcosis

no matter with heavy tank

no matter with the sun

no matter with dark skin

it just make me exotic 🙂

then pee in wetsuit, the make a bad lie

the wave, make me vomit on boat

but I still love sea

better I go down and get pressure with  deep

maybe buddy is better than boyfriend

but I love my boyfriend so much

unhappily, he hates dive

To dive or not to dive,

what a stupid question!

but he really hates dive

and then I remember the slogan

“if my boyfriend ask me to not dive, or he will leave me, I will miss him so much”

slogan on the wall at my basecamp.

love GADISO 🙂

love my boyfriend :*


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