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GambarJonathan Arnold was born in the city of Malang, East Java, the child of a military member’s AD. As a Christian ditokohkan, Father Arnold includes a very unfriendly with Muslims. Arnold still remember how great his parents instill hatred-hateful in his heart towards islam. According to his mother’s words, it starts from the behaviour of persons-persons Islamic people make the hurt his father *. (* IM comment: suppose the muslim doing good on non-Muslims, then it will be easier to preach at them. Because if they already hate on Muslims, it is increasingly difficult to invite them to islam, as exemplified in the prophesied) Muhammad peace be upon him baptism in the Church of Arnold GPI Malang. He is so smoothly convey the passages of the Holy bible, so he was educated at the University of leiden the Netherlands to become a preacher. After graduation Arnold was appointed chaplain and was assigned to the Christianization of the Muslims. Before the operation actually began researching the life of Arnold. It turns out, there are three disadvantages. First, many Muslims who joined Islamic Islamic ID card only and don’t understand about islam. Second, it often happens that a split among Muslims. Third, many Muslims who are greedy, covetous, and griping don’t want to help the needy and orphaned. Arnold called the Christianization Mission Operations as ‘ Sympathy “, i.e. in order to elicit sympathy for Islamic people to help the needy. Considerable funds due to proceeds from the Netherlands, the United States and Australia. The difficulties of cost for the school was given a scholarship, the sick were given the drugs, which are difficult to be entertained, the hungry are fed, the weak economy are capital, even the dead whose families were helped with the cost and implementation of funeral. The result was amazing, in a short time she could memurtadkan nearly 1000 people. Not satisfied with this result, Arnold was made the new formula, which is developing guidelines for a free set of Western. Arnold introduces VALENTINE DAY, clothing as well as Western art, culture and sport are stealing time prayer to many children are not prayer and the Koran. Arnold then married White Hooded girl by pretending to have converted to islam with the fake letters. (one of the ways the Christianization of). Because different creed, then frequent quarrels. Whenever Arnold upset, his wife never fight, he does the direct prayer danmembaca AL-Quran. From this arises the desire to know the content of Arnold AL-Quran. One night, there was something strange. Al-Quran it open. Arnold body seems shaky. When she open exactly on the page letters Ar-Rahman. Arnold was struck by the beauty of the language of the Quran are repeated even though his sentence is simple, “which God Favors you dustakan?”. Sheet by sheet it open. Comes QS Maryam. In the letter, Mary, the mother of Jesus, is mentioned more respectable, Holy, sublime, and precious than the story of Mary in the Bible. As is the nature of God in the Quran. The Lord is one. This means there should be no alternative other than ALLAH. In contrast to the Bible which States God is three very illogical, especially the doctrine of the Trinity of God there is a new 325 years after Jesus was raised to the sky. The Quran tells of GOD’s eternal, which distinguish between a creature and God, but God is told in the Bible has God told stumblingblock and loses a fight with Jacob. There are many more things the logical not found Arnold in the Bible that make his faith began to shake. Arnold began to buy Islamic books and study of comparative religion. Arnold was determined to find the truth. He didn’t want to trick them conscience. An awful lot of ultimate truth who he met in the Al-Quran. The longer the look of awkwardness-gaffe of the Bible. In the Bible a lot of contention between paragraph one and paragraph to another. Many also tells about pornography and mensifati God by nature impossible. Not to mention the Bible was not written in the language of Jesus. Arnold eventually came out of the Church and converted to islam by saying a two sentence sahadat guided his wife. Ever since Arnold was expelled from home by parents and leave the Home Office of the Church. Fortunately the Arnold family assisted people to islam, later he prophesied around Indonesia and invited King Fadh Saudi Arabia to perform the pilgrimage. (Acts of the Convert merengkuh Guidance, 2010)


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