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The NATURE of the EMERGENCE of Any LIVER DISEASE liver April 1, 2012

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The NATURE of the EMERGENCE of Any LIVER DISEASE liver disease such as jealousy, riya, hasut, revenge, hatred, etc, it’s caused by a sense of tahuannya and ketidaksadarannya would be one source of everything that exists and happens. Taste envy posed of a sense of not willing to accept a favor others. Others can build houses, buy a car, neighbors could work friends and friend who was promoted rich. If we are not aware of the circumstances and events that, and knowing the circumstances and causes of the incident, then we are going to be filled with a sense of self that envy, envy, and hate.

Long make ourselves stress, not due to something another reply, but caused by ourselves. Jealousy that we do not want to receive favors of others, thus creating a sense of hate in our hearts against that person. Long ourselves will be afflicted by high blood, irritability and emotions. Then the disease getting worse, end up making us susceptible to stroke. When it’s so where do their running us, if not to the graveyard. It all happened as a consequence of the deeds of ourselves.

My brother who loved ones. We must realize in earnest, others who could build the House it happened because of GOD’S provision. Neighbors can I buy a car, his money from God, through hard work and effort in earnest. My friend was promoted, it happens upon the permission of GOD, not because of selling yourself on the supervisor or boss that liked the mengguna-gunai him, so that his Office was raised. Never prejudge the not-not for what’s happening around reply us and in us.

We must make sure that, that real and happening, all of GOD’S permission. So we are going to be a quiet and serene private, will not be easily disturbed by any circumstances and events, which come in ourselves and in others. To realize it, then we will be spared from any liver disease, the damage ourselves. (Sufism Within there is a God, 2011)


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