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song of power – Julie’s new Diary November 27, 2011

julie's new diary

 you know that the world is not only for you 
this world just the own of many people like you 
most people need to life and of course to love too
 so dont you make all seems so blue
you have many time to try and 
you get whatever you want  
lets be a part and to be one 
and make this earth strong and stronger 
lets be a part and take a fight 
and this song is your power 
we can see of us be worth more and more 
many people like shit already loose control 
and how about you, how about them 
you will never reach a goal

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2 Responses to “song of power – Julie’s new Diary”

  1. qs1998 Says:

    I like your poem. Did you write it yourself?

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