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Conditional sentences January 26, 2010

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  1. I. Future Real Conditional

Form:  If + S + V1 + O, S + will + V1 + O

Example :

  1. 1. If I go home early, I will visit my grandmother.
  2. 2. If I have a lot of money, I will buy new motorcycle.

  1. II. Present Unreal Conditional

Form: If + S + V2 + O, S + would + V1 + O

(Real situation/the fact is in the present)


  1. 1. If I brought my dictionary, I would do my task.

Fact: I don’t bring my dictionary so I don’t do my task.

  1. 2. If she were my teacher, I would obey her.

Fact: She isn’t my teacher, so I don’t obey her.

  1. 3. If he didn’t come late, the meeting would run well.

Fact: He comes late so the meeting doesn’t run well.

  1. III. Past unreal Conditional

Form: If + S + had + V3, S + would have + V3+ O

(Real situation/the fact is in the past)

  1. 1. If I had done my assignment, I would have got good mark.

Fact: I didn’t do my assignment so I didn’t get good mark.

  1. 2. If  I had had breakfast, I would not have starved

Fact: I didn’t have breakfast, so I starved.

Change the following statements into conditionals.

  1. Maria was sick yesterday. I didn’t know that, so I didn’t visit her.

If I had known Maria was sick, I would have visited her.

  1. I am bored, so I feel sleepy.

If I were not bored, I wouldn’t feel sleepy.

  1. She came to your party because you invited her.

If you had not invited her, she would not have come.

  1. I was not a king, so you were not a queen

If I had been a king, you would have been a queen.

  1. He is not president, so he doesn’t live in Merdeka palace.

If he were a president, he would live in M Plc.

  1. It is snowing. I don’t want to go with him.

  1. The coffee is cold. I don’t want to drink.

  1. They got good marks, so their fathers gave rewards to them.

  1. He got hit by a truck, so he lost his leg.

  1. I didn’t bring my money, so I didn’t buy anything.

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